Thursday, June 20, 2013

Let's Play, Financial "Would You Rather...?"

 With loadsa' people getting hammered, it might not be a bad time to take a break with your collegaues, grab a Skinny Grande Latte and play: "Financial Would You Rather...?" 

Would you rather have Bill Ackman as your largest shareholder or Carl Icahn as your business partner?

Would you rather be caught insider trading by the SEC or accused of goosing LIBOR by the FSA?

Would you rather be a GoldBug or a YenBull?

Would you rather be an American with an undeclared Swiss bank account at UBS in Zurich or a German stashing undeclared income at HSBC in Geneva?

Would you rather be short puts of LULU stock into an earnings announcement or be long of USD/YEN into an Abe press conference?

Would you rather receive a tip-off of a takeover via an e-mail message or a  your office landline?

Would you rather be George Osborne or Jeffrey Osborne?

Would you rather be cellmates with Raj Rajaratnum or Bernie Madoff?

Would you rather be short of a stock with extremely high, and decreasing short interest, or long of stock with extremely high and increasing short interest?

Would you rather run an Alpha Capture strategy or be the call before the first call on analyst recommendation changes at your cousin's IB?

Would you rather systematically trade upon the advice of Bob Janjuah or be forced to listen to an endless Q&A Loop with Abbey Joseph Cohen?

Would you rather be long a truckload of leveraged US Govt 30yr zeros or short a truckload of long-dated OTM puts on JGB 10yr bonds ? 

Would you rather be investigated by Preet Bharara or pimped out to Eliot Spitzer?

Would you rather pump&dump pennystocks from a boiler-room with a bunch of Russians led by a guy named "Ivan" or shakedown the clinical researchers from your expert network for inside information?

Would you rather take investment advice from Martin Armstrong or Mish Shedlock?

Would you rather have your broker-dealer run by Dick Fuld or your FCM run by Jon Corzine?

Would you rather be short Commodity-currency gamma or long EM beta?

Would you rather invest in a new bond arb fund led by John Merriwether, or a commodity fund launched by Brian Hunter?

Would you rather be a Pension Beneficary of the State of Illinois, or the City of Philadelphia?

Would you rather a listen to market commentary by Dennis Gartman or self-help tapes from NN Taleb

Would you rather lose 33% of your clients money being incredibly and obviously stupid or 45% of your clients' money being unquestionably careless?

Would you rather play another round of this stupid game or get back to watching your hemorrhaging P&L? 
(All comments and your own Financial Would You Rather Questions welcome...)


Anonymous said...

instant classic. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Would you rather have the NSA read all your email
or have the NSA read all your email