Thursday, March 15, 2018

Farewell Then Toys"Я"Us

Farewell then
America's Halfway house
to Barbie, Ken,
G.I. Joe and
"Rock-'em Sock-'em 

You were 
the first company 
to crucify
the English Language 
for the sake of 
a memorable 

Upon your shelves,
aptly-named board games 
like "Risk", 
"Chutes & Ladders"
"The Game of Life" 
and "Trouble - 
foretold your

Category Killers
rose by roll-up 
like Lazarus (not your founder);
but neither Jesus (nor Kravis)
could resurrect
you now.

You put  
the Big Box
into Retail.
But now,
KKR will solemnly
bury their retail 
in a
Big Box.