Friday, August 03, 2007

Two Red Cards

It's Friday.
It's raining.
It's August.
The markets are as squishy as one can imagine.
Non-dollar, non-yen cash (my SOV of choice) is looking just fine.
So rather than rant I will share this amusing article from today's "Daily Yomiuri".

The Yomiuri Shimbun

The Japan Sumo Association suspended yokozuna Asashoryu for two tournaments and docked his pay by 30 percent for four months Wednesday after he was seen running around a soccer pitch while on sick leave. It is the first time a yokozuna has been suspended from a tournament.

The saga began when the yokozuna handed in a sick note excusing him from this month's tour of Tohoku and Hokkaido on the grounds he had a stress fracture to his lower back and niggling elbow injuries. He then flew to Mongolia--reportedly for treatment--and was shown on Japanese TV playing in a charity soccer match supported by the Mongolian government. Although the yokozuna scored, his antics did not impress the sumo association, which immediately condemned his behavior and demanded an explanation.

An apology to association Chairman Kitanoumi on July 30 was deemed insufficient, and Asashoryu's punishment was agreed on at a special board meeting Wednesday.

As well as the suspension and pay cut, Asashoryu has been grounded--he is not to go anywhere except his home, Takasago stable or the hospital where he is receiving treatment until the final day of November's Kyushu Grand Tournament.

His stablemaster, Takasago, also received a 30-percent pay cut over four months.

(Aug. 2, 2007)


Anonymous said...

I thought we might get a post from Cassandra featuring John McEnroe today...that is if Cassandra tuned into the RAS call yesterday. If she hasn't...'tis not time wasted.

Arne Paul said...

Sadly, the JSA are no different than too many Japanese I've talked to about Asashoryu, angry that he has dominated Sumo so incredibly, displaying such skill and power that he threatens to go down as the best of all time and is clearly the modern master of the sport. Asa has committed the unpardonable crime of wounding so much nationalistic arrogant confidence that surely no foreign born rikishi could defeat all Japanese contenders so handily.

There's an enormous difference between trotting around a soccer field with little children and facing an enormous and massively powerful wrestler in the most explosive blast of force in all of sports, which would run the risk of serious permanent injury if you have nagging back and elbow problems. Clearly, the JSA are the ones lying here, not Asashoryu. They've been looking for an excuse to stop him because no mortals can. Shameful of them and they should be the ones confined to their homes as they have lost all their face and will embarrass themselves further when they appear in public when they are seen by those who have not deluded themselves with their racially protectionist unwarranted pride.

Charles Butler said...

Same happened to kieren world champ Gord Singleton when he went pro in 1983 (if I remember). He spent a year beating up on Nakano and his diamond studded front forks, then inexpicably failed to have his contract renewed.

JJ2000426 said...

Who SOLD OUT a piece of national treasure vital to our survival, to Russians, dirt cheap? On paragraph 4.

Watch out SWC on monday for earnings release after hour. Crooks knocked down SWC from $16.47 to $8.56 in less than 3 months, for no good reason. Maybe they want to sell the remainder to Russians cheap?

Deeply oversold, I expect a blowout SWC quarterly earning, and from here SWC MUST have a dramatic reversal and a great rally on the good earnings. Don't let go of the opportunity!

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