Monday, August 27, 2007

So Long AG A.G.

So farewell
Alberto Gonzalez -
80th AG of
the US of A

What took
you so
long to pull

As GWBs "yes man",
And Lawyer to Enron
Who (amongst other illustrious things):
Fought Congress to keep Cheney's Energy Commission docs "Secret"
Dimmed the lights on the Freedom of Information Act
Argued the Geneva convention was for Sissies
Sanctioned PMCs to do what might otherwise land your bosses in Jail
Legal architect of Spying domestically Without Warrants
Denied existence of the constitutional right of habeas corpus
Fired 9 US atorneys following 26 meetings but couldn't recall any of it
Repeatedly Lied to the House & Senate
You would have made H.R. Haldeman proud!

Not since the
days of US Grant
has a pustule
like you been
lanced from
public service.

Most memorably,
you accomplished the
You made
John Ashcroft


Charles Butler said...

Bush, as far as I can see, is now the only politician or appointee/cabalist left standing (yeah yeah, it's just a phrase) from the apparently misguided reaction to 9/11 - unless you count Tony as middle east peace envoy(?).

Redefining failure.

dryfly said...

Quit picking on Grant (by comparing him to these guys). He at least won his war.