Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear Mr Market...

Dear Mr Market

I was just wondering:

Like....ummmm..... W.T.F ??

Yours truly,


Dearest Casandra,

Let not your petty tyrants get the best of you.

As you know my job is to [metaphorically speaking] bugger the greatest number of people I can, as often as possible. However, I will intimate to you that I rarely undertake to it so boorishly and blatant such as what we are seeing at the end of this calendar quarter.

Chalk whatever is getting your proverbial goat to short-term requirements driven by the need and/or greed of those that can or must. And don't fret, something awful is sure to happen at some point to so vindicate your overly liquid always does, doesn't it?

And please do drop by for a glass of Port so we can discuss your seeming obsession with the Yen. It is really isn't healthy you know.

Until then,


Mr Market

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