Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Old Cliche

Every horror movie includes a scene where the hero (or heroine) has the villain in his (or her) sights. Finally!, we think. A [happy?] resolution and retribution is nigh, such as Nicole Kidman seen here in "Dead Calm" (1989). But then, we see the villain's (or market's) smirk. Perhaps a shiny filling is revealed. Is he taunting her? Further incensed, if such a thing is possible, the heroine pulls the trigger. Click! Nothing happens. Confusion. Panic. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! Boo hoo. No Ammo. And so, we must wait through yet another torturous interlude of pain, shock, and horror before the heroine once again can manoeuvre herself into a position where she stands a chance of ending her ordeal.

1 comment:

barbadkatte said...

The gun did fire. The bullet disappeared without even wiping the smirk off the villain's face. May be it is time to try firing bullets unexpectedly? Only 7 bullets left to go. Ammunition is getting scarce as well.