Tuesday, March 06, 2012

SPORTS LATEST: (In Extra Time) US Federal Rangers 0 - Stanford Rovers 0

Reuters reports in late breaking news that neither side has been able to hit the back of the net during regulation time. The referee ordered players back onto the pitch to continue their battle in extra-time. The Feds most potent weapon failed to convert numerous opportunities after being continually dogged by Stanford defenders. Stanford played most of second half short-handed as player-manager Alan Stanford was taken injured and declared unfit to play as a result of apparent abuse whilst in the locker room. He did, however, manage a high-five to his trainer following the whistle at regulation time. Given what's at stake in the match a draw would be a massive victory for Stanford, and most embarrassing for Rangers, given their numerical and home-pitch advantage.

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Woland said...

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for mankind. For a moment a hung jury almost made
it look like he would walk. I guess now we get the
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