Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farewell Dynegy

So farewell
then Dynegy,
highly leveraged
wholesale supplier
of electricity.

One can endlessly generate
apt puns:
"Ohm my God, DYN has a reVolting balance sheet!"
"Lenders finally switched-off the credit to DYN
"DYN 'Lights out' really hertz equity holders..."
"Creditors pulled the plug on DYN..."
"Investors shocked by short-circuit in DYN"
"Bankruptcy will be transforming for DYN"
etc. etc. etc.

But my catchphrase -
for you (& replicants) shall be:
"The light that shines
twice as bright
burns for half
as long".

For once you
aspired to 
be more like 

your wish 
has finally
been granted.

(with apologies to Private Eye & EJ Thribb)

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