Sunday, November 13, 2011

dEaR sanTA

dEaR sanTA

i KNoW iTs eaRlY buT i wOUld bE so hApPy iF fOr Xmas yOu cOuLD mAke soME of mY XmAS wISheS cOMe trUE..... 

1. Some pragmatic compromise between American political parties

2. a Chemistry set with some instructions on transmuting scrap metals into Gold (which I could quietly though parsimoniously hoist upon the goldbugs).

3. a reasonably accurate flashing red "Bullshit Detector" light to be built into all TVs in order to warn The Audience when whatever they are watching is stretching the boundaries of fact or credulity.  

4. A single-payor US health-insurance company with mandatory purchase, an aggressively accurate usual & customary remibursement rate; a  target to pay the average of developed market costs for pharma, and a fair method of sharing the cost of those unable to afford the averaged premium across the risk pool.   

5. A full set of Ahmadinejad, Netanyahu, and Assad Voodoo Dolls, complete with pins and a few awesomely effective incantations

6. A pair of woolly Athletic Socks - the left to stuff into the mouth of George Osbourne (if there's room with his foot); the right one reserved for Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity.

7. A permanent increase in spec margins for commodity traders, as well as a significant increase in FX Bucket Shop margins and some high-touch regulation. 

8. A FTTH connection AND a soapbox to let the world know of the complete, utter and total ineptitude of Virgin Media's installation team.

9. Some proper asphalt for the impoverished Brits for them to begin to resurface their abominable system of so-called roads.

10. Lots of nice fresh snow in the western alps over xmas and new years.

P.S. - and if you have room, we'd love a hamper with some Kalamata olives, a couple of litres of sun-baked Kotsifali or Xinomarvo red, some Feta and Haloumi cheese, Cretan Olive Oil and a 6-month charter of a Suezmax tanker to help our needy Greek friends....


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's quite a wishlist, very fanciful. You can have it all, just give me 50 yen to the dollar by July. Thank you Santa-san!