Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Umm al-Fahm

I have TARP Tiredness; AIG-Overload; PPIP-Exhaustion; TALF & TSLF -weariness; and Bonus-Outrage Burnout, not to mention a bout of Pozni-Lassitude. It will undoubtedly fade with the goodness of time, but in the meanwhile, with nearly every critic, blogger, strategist, economist and commentator all over it, any musings I might have, seem more or less irrelevant at best, and a waste of time at worst.

Yet, such outrageousness is not monopolized by financial forces as evidenced by zealots marching in Umm al-Fahm, who are depicted (rather poorly and without aesthetic formation) in the adjacent photo capture taken yesterday:

And while attempting restraint in stirring the hornet's nest, I will suggest that pictures DO very often speak louder than words, the former image conjuring my memories of those most assininely-Patriotic-of-folk, The Orangemen, in all of their Portadown-glory as more elegantly,but just as ridiculously captured here. Need one say more...?!?!


Macro Man said...

Don't forget the march of the great unwashed, coming to a London location near you in the next week and a half. I do think they misunderstand the viewpoint of the financiers, however; no one expects an unemployed dole-collecter to contribute anything....

Kieran said...

There's a good argument to be made the problems in the North got better because the poor on both sides got jobs. Now that the Irish/UK housing bubble is in full collapse mode, I fear that the peace there that's been made could collapse with it.

Anonymous said...

Actually Kieran I think you've touched on a salient point - that all this panic and uncertainty born out of the crisis is leading to an upsurge in violence as victims of circumstance lash out.
Religious extremism is just fuel to the fire.

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