Friday, June 06, 2008

Oil Traders: - OMG! They killed Kenny!

Everyone watching market prices today - especially those with large SUVs, Pick-ups, Cadillacs, and 30-foot Gallery ceilings - stood in awe, shock, and horror as known swing-short trader "Kenny" was killed today. "OH MY GOD! THEY KILLED KENNY!!! was the phrase hanging on everyone's lips. Kenny, had been a voicifierous proponent of theories suggesting that despite long-term supply concerns, oil is in a short-term bubble and speculators (both short-term and commodity indexers) are responsible for the state of a market where the daily amount of oil traded exceeds the entire daily US consumption by a factor of more than 15x.

I heard the mob chanting "In yer face you pussy!!" before it got ugly, said his closest friend, Kyle. "I guess they shut him up real good" said E. Cartman. "Nobody deserves a beating like that...I mean, like the kid can't even talk right!" But you know that the fuckin' weirdest thing of all was that I could've sworn I heard some suited spec with a huge wad of buy-tickets shouting "Allu Akbar!!"..


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Trichet killed Kenny!

Talk about over-reaction. Trichet hints ECB might raise rates and oil jumps 10 bucks. I bet Bernanke is furious, poor man seemed to have succesfully jawboned the dollar and then the ECB suckerpunches his glass jaw.

Anonymous said...

SUVs are dying like dinosaurs.

I love it!

t said...

The title alone is beyond genius. C you have surpassed yourself.

Anonymous said...

Of course, Israel's plans to bomb Nantaz by October has nothing to do with it. Bush's green light at the
60th anniversary celebration gives him a twofer - a
military crisis just before the election, and deniability
on a long term objective.

"Cassandra" said...

Amusing as the title is, I really didn't mean it to imply conspiracy or such, rather than the culprit being quite literally The Market. Indeed, I have really mixed feelings about all this. I'll admit to having some schaudenfraude 'cause I've told anyone who'll listen that energy is too cheap in the US and the only thing they understand is "price", so there is a responsibility for The State to lead people to a regime that readies them for the inevitable higher prices - preferably via taxes. THAT of course never happened, and probably still won't and so the US wil bear the full brunt ofcomplete total and utter unpreparedness - in respect of its infrastructure, lifestyle, and goods and services produced. It didn't have to be this way. They choose it, and now they'll have to bear the consequences which is full exposure change.

While many think it bad, and there will be some macabre situations that results, it ultimately is good, very good, for in the absences of cold nuclear fusion or Craig Ventner producing silos of GM bacterially-produced bio-diesel, the largest consumer of oil MUST consume less, and more efficiently. Good luck to them. I'm going for a bike ride...

Anonymous said...

Shades of Trudeau's NEP in your response? Tread lightly lest you find your comments infested with Calgarian resentment for the next thirty years.


Anonymous said...

CB -
Over an Albarino and tapas we can discuss the truth of who owns what beneath the topsoil and bedrock.


OldVet said...

I'm keeping my old Caddy which gets 27 mpg and waiting for my new Florida beach love boat with either hydrogen or battery power. Heck, at my age you could put a sail on the thing for my purposes, which are entirely frivolous.

Even my backward state is paying for half a switchgrass ethanol plant soon, that'll pay $435 an acre to farmers for growing the stuff. Farmers may wind up shouting "God is Great" themselves, if that happens.