Monday, June 23, 2008

Here today. Where tomorrow?

Fortis is big and and errr ummm Belgian. That is perhaps the only explanation for their new global campaign which proposes as it's tag-line:
Fortis: Here today, Where tomorrow?"
What could they possibly have been thinking? Have their marketing people not seen the carnage, the worry and the uncertainty of investors? Could they have missed the obvious double entendre??!? Why not something simple but reassuring such as "Here today, Here tomorrow?"

The campaign, hilariously (in today's environment) called "Life is a curve" campaign asks one to contemplate one's position and the future. The positive side is they have stopped making empty promises. The catch is: What if you are the stick-figure. so-poised to give your hard-earned savings to Fortis just before the curve becomes extremely concave. They might have just as easily used as their tagline: "Wrong place, wrong time??" for THAT is the image conjured in this observers mind. Just what you want to hear from your investment manager cum insurer whose market value is dropping like piece of The rock...


"Cassandra" said...

Does anyone else think that Mr Stick-Figure/Protypical Fortis Customer is neither "thinking" nor "evaluating" his financial options but simply taking a leak? What are they trying to tell us?

Anonymous said...

Of course he's taking a leak. It's the pause that refreshes. Not to mention a shameful reminder of how clueless advertising can be. "Here today, here tomorrow" gave me a bit of a twinge, too - I used it once for a big telecoms company during the dot-com days. At least they're still in business.

Anonymous said...

You ask Why not something simple but reassuring such as "Here today, Here tomorrow?"

Perhaps because Union Bank of Switzlerland used that tagline in '97 just prior to being bought by Swissbank?

And yes there were T-shirts. And some inked in a "W" between phrases.