Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Quarrel said...

Haha. That's great! :)


Anonymous said...

Seems GW has alot of catching up to do:


"Cassandra" said...

My sense of fairness suggests that the correct comparison is not Clinton (or any other administration), but rather the inherent integrity and justness of each decision.

Mercy and pardons have been around since the days of the Roman Empire (and probably before). Recall Pontius Pilate's lisping fwend, Bigguth Dickith calling to crowd to announce the name of who would be set free.

With all due respect, however, there are offenses (and transgresions of pot, coke, LSD, scrip meds what have you are not in THAT list) for which I believe Pardons, annulments, etc. not only shouldn't be granted, but that for the integrity of the system and exercise of political power, it is incumbent upon The Government to prosecute to the fullest extent, irrespective of whether said violation to the systemic integrity has been perpetrated by friend or foe. I appreciate that some on the political right-flank will view Libby as "a Patriot", but it is indeed a slippery slope to take meted justice for this in one's own hand given that he found found guilty by a jury of peers following investigation by a non-partisan (and republican) attorney.