Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Memorium: Nelson Bunker Hunt

Farewell then

You were 
born with
a Silver Spoon
in your 

But, apparently
was not
enough Silver.

You said
"I was
just trying
to make 
some money"

Your catchphrase 
have been: 
"Never squeeze
the people 
that can 
change the rules.

(with apologies to Private Eye & EJ Thribb)


Rich said...

Will Henry Jarecki send flowers?

"Cassandra" said...

Ha ha ! Dr Jarecki has both a wry sense of humor and oh-so-keen sense of irony. So a decided Yes: a large bunch of silver roses mixed with some 'Silver Jubilee' Ozothamnus, or 'Silver Anniversary' Camellias. Convolvulus or 'Silver Bush" Flowers might do the trick.

Henry must have respected Hunt for his Texan sized brass balls if only because he put into practice the very "corner" that Dr Jarecki had hypothesized was possible laying it out in lurid detail some years before. If you haven't read it, Stephen Fay's "Beyond Greed" is the seminal work on the subject.