Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bitcoin Haiku


Up Up and Away
The sun feels good up yon-der
"Relax!" said Hamlet


Pop some Bitcoin tags?
'Mother Mary & Joseph' !!!!
Napoleon's Waterloo

Left Of the Curtain

The Wizard told him
"Rub two Bitcoins together"
What is 'kurtosis'?


ya-da ya-da ya
Where's my USB?

Not the Monkey King

'That's a nice robe'
Exclaimed she to the vain king
Eat more bananas.

Giapetto's Nightmare

Pinocchio dreamed
When you wish upon a star
Jiminy Bitcoins!

(with apologies to Bashō; As usual, all contributions are most welcome)


Behavioral Investors said...

Byte by bit, bitter
Twitter employees hoard their
Coins mined in the cloud

Ian said...

A chill autumn sent
A ripple through the dark net
now rising again

Patrick Cheenne said...

What would be really cool is to engrave them into bitcoins.