Monday, October 14, 2013

Kim DotCom Takes on Hedge Funds

Kim Dotcom takes on Hedge Funds! OK, so the headline is a tad sensationalist, but one might be forgiven for thinking that the idea of swapping research on hedge funds opens some moral (and indeed some potential copyright) issues. PirateBay always denied it was jolly-rogering the record companies and artists, just as one wouldn't expect to see Albourne's watermarked reports, or Cambridge Research's proprietary research offered verbatim on HF Investors' potential Pirate Bay. That said, the concept sure looks like Napster has arrived at the doorsteps of hedge fund research.

Information does apparently have some serious value to potential investors wiring nine-figure sums to HF's accounts. One might indeed wonder whether there will be an even more highly-prized back-room on the exchange (think of the most private and exclusive of Baccarat tables at a Casino) where whistle-blower secrets on HFM's dirty-deeds could be exchanged for even larger sums? In this way, a mid-level operations clerk, or contract programmer at an HF, PB or administrator can vault to a big-time Wikileaks-enabled pay-day.If exchanging such info for money,  would they be protected by whistleblower laws? Though the intent is to disrupt the cozy rarefied world of the upper echelons of manager research, the potential effects may be much wider (and more dangerous to those managers surfing the edge or dabbling in the Dark Arts. Like Cosmo suggested in the Cult-hacker movie Sneakers, "No More secrets, Marty...."

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