Friday, September 06, 2013

Financial Haiku Open Weekend

It's that time again: Financial Haiku Open Day. The last one, was almost five years and was a stonking success with some near perfect compositions. I'll print the first few trades and look forward to your generous contributions. Make Bashō proud....

Tesla's Recoil

Buying blocks of Tesla
Roman candles! You shuffle
off this mortal coil.

Dog Days

Summers or Yellen?
Fido sleeps on the back porch
Corn fixes carbon.

Ode to S.A.C.

I am not guilty
Mosaics are my passion
It's complicated.


Rock. Paper. Scissors.
"Should I stay or should I go now"?
Love you! Hate you! Meh...


Got any Gold? I do...
Glass is always half-empty
The game's frickin' rigged!


Anonymous said...

Or Narcissus for PM
Spoiled vote Oi Oi Oi

Behavioral Investors said...

Saving the world is
Quantitatively, easy
Actually, less so

Anonymous said...

Nuclear truth is
Leaking to water table
sucks coffer into abyss

Olympics, you say
Make bets on Default Swaps
Says a Casino Titan

"Cassandra" said...

Golden Ringtone:

Everyone wants the
Call before the First Call
Croesus' phone chimes

Anonymous said...

Homo sapiens
Thought smarter than monkeys
but some like bananas

Anonymous said...

James says:

Yield plays at my feet
Interactive Brokers lends
How could it go wrong

Anonymous said...

Microsoft blunders
Balmer out, dead cat bounce
Nokia kills it