Monday, November 12, 2012

Spread 'Em


"We bend over backwards to bend you over forward"

Our testimonials speak for themselves....

Before I opened a GI-Index Spread betting account, I was just another real-estate agent. Now, after spending my lunch hours and evenings punting the Euro-Yen cross I've seen more action than a Green Beret after a third tour in Afghanistan! GI offers me the 1000-to-1 leverage and that satisfies my thirst for turbo-charged thrills! If in doubt about what I've got to show for it, just look the satisfied smile on my face!!!

Not everyone can handle 1000-to-1 leverage. But my experience on lunch-room duty at an inner-city high school readied me for anything. With the GI Index mobile-app, I can pretend to be reading my e-mail on my smart phone, when in reality I'm scalping Spot Silver in size with the help 1000-to-1 leverage, always just a knife-edge from getting stopped-out. Nothing can compare to the excitement and potential profit I get  thanks to GI-Index!

Before I got laid-off, I was a flow-trader with a large wire house. I didn't need any fancy technology or software tools because I could just take a chunk outta whatever customer orders came across my desk. Now, thanks to GI-Index, I have four screens full of fast-scrolling colourful charts and blinking lights, that make me feel like I am back on the trading floor. And the 1000-to-1 leverage with guaranteed executions lets me enjoy the full face-ripping retail experience my clients used to get from me!   

"All the upside without any of the downside". That is why I opened a Spread-Betting account with GI-Index. I can trade huge positions in e-Mini's using GI's leverage and know that because I barely have a two-coins to rub together, in reality, I'll only be on the hook for my margin. Sure, I pay across the spreads, and I know I can easily get puked out in a fast market or by an outlier print, but where else can I get 1000-to-1 leverage with that much upside? Finally, I can having a fighting chance to make a big score.

After serving my time for securities fraud and insider trading, no one would open an account for me, let alone offer me 1000-to-1 leverage. GI-Index Spread-betting gave me the opportunity to get back into the markets and trade stocks from both the long and short sides without having to report positions or undergo any pre-trade compliance. Thank you GI-Index!

As a longtime housewife who is now an old-aged pensioner, I'd always relied on husband to make the financial decisions. After he passed away , a nice young man at GI-Index was kind enough to teach me how to trade using  the "10 Most Effective Momentum Trading Strategies" and how to "Day Trade Currencies in 9 Easy Steps". Now, I can drop a yard of yen at lunch-time with 1000-to-1 leverage and cover in time for tea! And GI credited me with a special bonus for introducing some other members of the care home to their amazing service and 1000-to-1 leverage facilities. 

Growin' up as an orphan in care ain't easy, innit?...I'll be first to say 'at. An' trying to catch a break when u've left skool at 16 wivout any about as likely as winnin' the pools or Lotto. But GI-Index believed in me. They taught me the basics of tradin'-an-all-that "7 Day-Trading Strategies to Trade Like the Pro's", and offered me 1000-to-1 leverage so I could punt Gold and FTSE wiv my dole check tradin' like all those toffs who grew up wiv mums and dads....

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