Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not Ordinary Foolishness

It's one thing to stretch the limits of tax deductions making an informed risk assessment of the probabilities of being raked over the coals for it. It is completely and altogether different thing to stretch the limits of available deductions when you know, for 100% proof-positive sure that you WILL be raked over the coals, if not by Agent Rudnick, then by the investigative press of the entire free world, and indeed probably the less-than-free world looking for potential a leg up. Why do I make such a distinction? For the obvious reason that willful pursuit of the latter (via the declaration of Romney-ette's Rafalca as a business expense) displays either (1) An appalling lack of judgement and forethought; (2) Complete idiocy (3) Wholesale arrogance (4) Foreskin-thin managerial abilities in regards to instructing one's accountants about the importance of probity of one's financial affairs (5) Less than Carnegie-like business acumen if Rafalca was infact intended to be a bona-fide entrepreneurial startup.

Supporters of the former Mass. Guv. will of course spin it differently. Given our fiscal mess, they might say Americans WANT (no, in fact NEED) someone who is adept at aggressive accounting tactics. Or Rafalca is indicative of just the kind of action-oriented entrepreneurial spirit that Americans need to emulate. And so forth. The question they should be asking themselves however, is, "WTF was he thinking?" Again, they might spin this straightforwardly as "He was, in the American Tradition, trying his best to keep what was his." 

I think however, the real answer, however true the possibilities #1 through #5 might ring is that, Mr Romney, along with many of his supporters, as a result of their power, wealth, and/or business success feels psychologically ENTITLED to aggressively push the boundaries of potential benefits, which ironically (though perhaps unsurprising to psychologists) is the character flaw for which he chastises the now infamous 47%. 

Hmmm. Can anyone spell P-R-O-J-E-C-T-I-O-N??!?  


doc w said...

Good points. "Entitled" indeed.

Am reminded of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who was tagged for drunk driving in Norway. Fined a percentage of his annual income, his fine was an astonishing (to him) $110,000.

Most Norwegians think this is quite fair, Americans however show a sharp divide; in my experience it's about 70/30 in favor of the wealthy. "Wealth has it's privileges" is a common belief. If you are rich yes you do get more of everything including privileges. How about no jail time for all but the most heinous crimes as one.

Rich said...

I previously learned that corporations are people.

Now I know that horses are LLC's.

It pleases me to know that Mr. Romney loves his country SO MUCH that he's willing to forego a tax deduction!

"Cassandra" said...

Heck, if I could have ever jaundicedly-conceived of the possibility that I might be able to share the cost with the American People of that Pony my daughter oh-so-desperately begged for, while NOT sharing any of the benefits, I might be long an equine beast at this very moment. Fortunately for me, dolt that I am, (and my wallet - for there are still untold costs to be borne), I am just not capable of such brilliance like Mr Romney. I guess that IS what ummmm errrrrr makes him.... ummm......HIM.