Thursday, March 04, 2010

Farewell Hummer

Farewell then
wheels of choice
to arschloecher the
world over.

aspired to be
a monster-truck,
which you achieved
monstrous symbolism.

You began
life as
a large "Willys
with four-wheel drive

But you ended the
the same as other
AMC flops...
the Ambassador
the Pacer,
the Matador (5.9 litres!!!),
the Spirit and, of course,
the Gremlin.


Castanea_d said...

The old Willys Jeep was practical, hardworking, and beloved. It made the transition from WW-II military vehicle to civilian use with ease, and very little in the way of modification. Lots of Jeeps showed up on farms, backwoods roads, and the like back in the postwar years. The Jeep is still around, though it has changed a good bit.

The Hummer was impractical, bloated, and I haven't heard of anyone being affectionate toward it. The civilian version bears little more than surface resemblance to the military. I live in farm country, and I have never seen a Hummer "out on the farm." The good old boys all drive F-150s or the like, not Hummers.

But a friend of my sister made a good living for years as a Hummer salesman in the suburbs of the District of Columbia. Plenty of people there wanted one, for no reason beyond making a statement.

It will stand as an icon of this generation, as the Jeep was in its day.

Anonymous said...

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anna said...

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