Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Survey Runes

Perhaps my friends at my favorite broadsheet, The Financial Times, can tell me what it means when their "Survey on Japanese Banking and Finance" (in last Monday's UK edition) was but four pages in length, containing not a useful column inch of copy nor a noteworthy advertisement (one week later I reckon I recall Nomura might have had ponied up. Oh how we [FT &I) must both pine for the days when such an insert was almost equal in length to the news or markets sections themselves!! Yet another telltale...?!?? Surely I wasn't the only one to notice?


Blissex said...

On a similar note, I still have issues of Wired or even better The Standard from the dotcom boom which are 3 times thicker than current ones.

And the computing book section at the local Borders has shrunk to less than 1/3 the size it was, and it is in a basement corner now.

I'll go and check next time I am around how much the finance and investing section is shrinking too.

Manc Trader said...

Lol at Blissex.
I don't remember even noticing Wired on the magazine shelf anymore.
There was time I thought I was so.... smart reading it.

Luckily I never liked finance books or magazines other than stuff like Grants so there's hope for me yet.

Clarke said...

The article on Nomura on pg. 2 : Banks seek growth outside home market was quite interesting. It wasn't ground breaking stuff but decent copy at least.

"Cassandra" said...

Blissex - Go and thumb through a "Wallpaper" or "Gourmet", circa December 2006 or May 2007. Why anyone would want Stainless Steel (a misnomer indeed) in their kitchen is beyond me.

Clarke - I wasn't trying to diss the FT which I adore. They were dealt a shitty hand on the topic. My point was more that the same topic ranked in the top 5 of surveys/inserts in the early 90s, and hardly rates now. Of course this is a BGFO*, but it needed to be reiterated.

Eric Hirschberg said...

Call me