Thursday, November 13, 2008

Financial Haiku Open Day

Haiku is part of my love-hate relationship with Japan, and to insure the absence of doubt, I greatly admire both the form and its masters. By contrast, my pathetic attempts are courtesy of London - conjured as they were on an overland walk from the City back to the depressing Hedge Fund alleys of Mayfair. I invite all - aficionados and amateurs alike - to have go and compose your own Financial Haiku in the comments section. Mine are actually quite dark thanks to the days news as delivered by the morning's FT, please lighten it up and redress my somber mood with some amusing satire!

Half Full

Empty new towers,
millions of pink-slips sent forth,
sour is the yoghurt


Where is the profit's trough?
Lower lows descending in fog.
O' never again!


Ubiquitous desire
is never satiated.
It's time to slumber.


Ants work - grasshoppers
fiddle. Turtles ARE Faster!
I've told you it's so.


RCJ said...

Credit default swap
Bonus gone job gone doggone
wish I was a bank

Anonymous said...

A false assumption,
Two stages of error made
For the wrong reason.

Chris ( said...

Broker won't pick up
I search for him on bloomberg
###Account deleted###

Anonymous said...

Paulson make me (w)hole
I will be a bank and lend
Crawl under TARP now

Anonymous said...

AIG thanks you
Will renegotiate soon
VAR worked in Excel

kihei said...

Headed towards ZIRP
Real estate in a tailspin
Welcome to Japan

RCJ said...

losses unfolding
currency issuance up
like petals falling

"Cassandra" said...

General Lee:

Whistling Hedge Dixie
with triumphal bravura.
Sherman's March carnage.

"Cassandra" said...

Butterfly wing-flaps.
Hellgates' sluices released
Where are the king's clothes?

Macro Man said...

China buys loads of dollars
Conundrum explained

Macro Man said...

TARP will buy my turds
Hank doesn't have enough dough
TARP buys me, a turd

Macro Man said...

Consumers are f****d
Let's all go short Volkswagen
Run over by Porsche

Anonymous said...

Leaves falling softly
Where they land, a mystery
Things will get better

Greg said...

The king's clothes
Go to the cleaners
Who will pick them up?

Anonymous said...

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

James said...

Lehman goes away
Where are my assets?

The Anecdotal Economist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Anecdotal Economist said...

It's their fault said Hank
Of our Asian enablers.
They saved, did not consume.

burnside said...

now-cool tranches
once broiled with passion
under noonday sun

Charles Butler said...

You say I cannot
Refi, I say
No no no.

nmw said...

Lenders were greedy
Leverage was arrogant
Poetic justice

Anonymous said...

Almost there she stops
Small boat gathering storm clouds
So, risk either way

The Anecdotal Economist said...

If it is not one -
A mess that is - it will do
'til the mess gets here

brian said...

darkness falls early
cold lights shine from shop windows
Blu-ray, you're still too expensive

Ketelsen said...

The winds of Katrina
brought contractors all a-row.
Their stocks are just fine.

G. M. Palmer said...

All the eagle's bald
wishing makes working worthless.
The dragon devours.

Adam said...

holiday shopping,
global markets are dropping
jingle all the way

Greg said...

Borrowing and Buying
The sun sets
What will morning bring?

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John said...

Bonuses deserved!
Glibly they insist.

Woland said...

oil pond
fool jumps in
sounds of bombing