Wednesday, August 13, 2008

See ya !! - Wouldn't Want to Be Ya'

A black-box systematic long-short equity trader whose strategy has a momentum bias is sitting on a park bench reading his morning newspaper. His friend sees him and comes over to give his greetings, and, surprised to see that his friend is reading Investors Business Daily (for he, too, is a Systematic Black Box Trader with a momentum biased strategy) says: "Warren, I can't believe your reading that distorted-pack-lies CANSLIM rubbish!. What the hell's gotten into you?!?!"

Warren replied: "Nothing. I've just had it up to 'here' with the real world of momentum being so ugly...At least in the IBD world of momentum, traders are profitable, their stops usually work, one rarely gets whipsawed, and everyone wants to be one..."

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