Monday, July 21, 2008

CNN vs. Chris Wood

What gives? CLSA's Chris Wood is banging the table on the attractiveness of Japan's equity market, yet, in a little-noticed innovation, CNN's scrolling financial banners (at least the ones piped through the cable news channel's Italian offering) has scrubbed the Nikkei index from its news scroll in favor of Singapore's Straits Times, and the HK's Hang Seng, as the Asian bellwether(s). Perhaps it is an oversight, or maybe the Nikkei is now well-and-truly irrelevant. Or perhaps CNN, like the covers of the Economist and Time magazine, are meaningful contra-indicators. I just thought it was interesting, and potentially telling, as a news-and-data junkie, that I was unable to keep abreast of the daily (mostly downward) fluctuations from a purported leading news provider.

(Note to self: Must get a USB global 3-G device...)


Scott said...


Pretty sure the Japanese market was closed today. Might that be a somewhat less nefarious explanation? We can't diss Chris!


Anonymous said...

happy marine day.

thought you lived here?

"Cassandra" said...

oh no - I mustn;t haev been clear....this was nearly everyday I perchanced the CNN news whilst away over the past two weeks. I don't even have CNN where I reside...just BBC World. It was purely a casual observation.

Autolycus said...

Somethng similar seems to have happened with the BBC radio news in the morning which now seems to cover the Hang Seng and not the Nikkei

"Cassandra" said...

Most likely suffering from "out of sight - out of mind" syndrome, the same thing that affected gold and softs for the better part of a decade and a half.

Glad some one else noticed - and elsewhere too...!!