Thursday, February 07, 2008

Swiss Aid

Dr Jean-Pierre Roth
Schweizerische Nationalbank
Boersenstrasse 15
PO Box 2800
8022 Zurich

7th February, 2008

Dear Dr Roth,

I will be visiting your fair and beautiful country for a holiday over the next 10 days and would self-servingly be most grateful if you would kindly follow the lead of Mr Trichet and suggest/confirm that that the tightening cycle in Europe is, in fact, over, and that it is now safe for thrill-seeking investors to once again use your currency as a source of funds for all manner of opportunity that is beginning to emerge.

Such a statement would go a long way towards offsetting the horrid appreciation that has (almost) made me regret not booking in at Crested Butte.

Thank you for your consideration and I remain hopeful of your immediate assistance,




Macro Man said...

Verbier? Klosters? Zermatt? St. Moritz? (Surely not Davos!)

"Cassandra" said...

"Crans" in Valais. The boss thought holiday in francophone locale would kill two birds with one proverbial stone.

Macro said...

Capiche. I'll be in Les Arcs when you get back, and will no doubt experience firsthand the impact of sterling's recent slagging, which bewilderingly appears to be worrying the MPC. On that other hand, that Killy ski jacket I purchased recently was bloody expensive...

Mischa Berlioz said...

High atop your dad's bookshelf, a venerable copy of the other M&M sits quietly. What a time, during
a well deserved Swiss vacation, to re read that Thomas Mann masterpiece, set in the Swiss Alps, for which the author was granted an equally well
deserved Nobel. We at MASSOLIT all wish you bon voyage.

Binggan said...

Welcome to Switzerland. Enjoy the ski and the Alps and thanks for the great blog.

jm said...

Delightful snark.

BTW, could you be talked into commenting on this piece over at Naked Capitalism?

woland said...

While you were away, a very nice interview on Bloomberg w. Jim Grant. Some interesting things to say about Japan. He's always worth a listen.