Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Letter To Mr Cho, RE: Whaling

Mr Fujio Cho, Chairman
Toyota Motor Corporation
1 Toyota-cho
Aichi 471-8571

RE: Whaling & Japanese Corporate Responsibility

Dear Mr Cho,

We all have relatives that we're embarrassed to admit are related to us, either directly or indirectly. I've got my Uncle Bernie. Former President Carter had "Billy". Ronald Reagan had "Nancy". The Russians had Yeltsin. The Bush family has "W". And you've got those lunatic scientists and whalers, who conjure up one idiotic excuse after the next in order justify the height of senseless and barbaric slaughtering of the magnificent creatures we call "Whales" (Sit down Pour yourself a whiskey and see the spectacular video here).

I can understand your desire to distance yourself from the likes of Mr Kunio Arai, Head of the Japanese Whaling Association and his cohorts, who do nothing but embarrass civilized Japanese people by conjuring images of the occupation of Manchuria, comfort women, and other historical wrongs that we'd all like to forget, with his rhetoric and absurdities justifying the unjustifiable. But humanity now dictates that you, as Chairman of Japan's most powerful and successful global enterprise, and Vice-Chairman of the Keidanren, the most powerful business association in Japan, take a strong and vocal stand AGAINST the shameful actions of the very small minority clinging to the vestiges of a history now-gone, who promote and justify the slaughter of these magnificent sea-mammals. No less than one-thousand ("1000"), do they plan to kill on their recently announced series of expeditions to the world's southern oceans, including 50 Humpbacks, the gentle and most-intelligent species starring movies above.

To help Toyota understand just how intensely I personally feel about this, I will, from this moment, refuse to purchase (rent, hire or lease) any motor vehicle or product produced by your fine enterprise, until the whaling by the small minority of trouble-makers in your country has ceased in its entirety. Moreover, I will encourage ALL of my family, friends, business associates and readers to do the same. And just so you don't feel that it's personal, or that Toyota is being single-out amongst Japanese enterprise, I will be sending similar letters to Mr Fujio Mitarai, Chairman of the Keidanren, and Chairman and CEO of Canon Corporation, and all other major Japanese enterprises whose products and services I will NOT be using until the Business Leaders of Japan take the initiative to force an end to what concerned individuals and national governments around the world have been unable to accomplish.

Sadly, I would prefer to buy a Toyota Prius this Spring when I upgrade my vehicle. And I know my son would prefer a Nintendo Gameboy for Christmas, and my wife, a Canon IXUS 750. But such is our resolve, and so strong do we feel, that I will NOT allow this to happen, for sometimes, meaningful change requires sacrifice in order to save the things that we cherish.

Time to stop the impending slaughter is running out. I look forward to your reply on the above, and to hearing Toyota's action plan for stopping this, and any and all future slaughter of whales by Japanese "scientists" and "fishermen" alike, and wish you much luck in your efforts to effect swift and meaningful abolition of such practices.

Yours respectfully,

A Cassandra

P.S. - I believe that Japanese Corporations underestimate the intensity of interest of this issue, and the potential economic effects upon your enterprises, as you will see when activism surface sat every primary, secondary school and university around America and Europe, in what may be the first truly Grassroots Global Boycott.

P.S.S - I would even buy a GM, Ford or heaven forbid a Proton rather than reward a society that slaughters whales.


MTC said...

Cassandra -

Concentrate your energies on Cho--he is a natural leader and an exceedingly kind person. Mitarai has simply lost his mind.

As for the slaughter, it will go on, no matter what. The best we can hope for in our lifetimes is to limit the catch to Minke whales taken within Japan's EEZ. To achieve any limitation we will need the cooperation of the whaling communities against the bureaucrats of the MAFF--who are the real evildoers here.

"Cassandra" said...

Thank you for the advice. I have a vision [certainly not the first] of politicizing the issue with their consumers/customers thereby pitting the export sector against the concentrated interests, and if necessary sparking civil war. I cannot see how the international exporter interests wouldn't triumph should and once the pressure becomes economically unbearable. Historically, it required far more real sacrifice to avoid Japanese products. Today, however, there are numerous viable alternatives across the world - at least at the consumer's level.

And of course my letter was rather more tongue-in-cheek and irreverent than that which I've posted to Mr Cho (or that the pilot project in our local school will send). Did you watch the linked footage - which, is some of the finest, highest quality, of the humpbacks yet captured on film??

rakuten said...

Couldn't agree more. Not only whales though, equally disturbing and unnecessary what they are doing to Dolphins for the sake of "tradition" and before the mercury poisened fish is processed for school (!!) lunches.


Charles Butler said...

Nice clip.

I'm always impressed with the self-serving fashion in which the battle between science and tradition is dealt with in this, and a wide variety of things. My point would be: if tradition trumps science, how come you're not out there in an outrigger hauling them in on the tip of a pointed stick?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, take that Mr. Cho, and you too you old land baboon Mr. Kunio Arai! How would you like it if we Whales were to net and harpoon your children, and skin them in front of you?

Mr. Whale

"Cassandra" said...

CB - there are no shortage of paradoxes when confronting justification for whaling, and the one you highlight is indeed most elegant. Greenpeace has set out with their noble intentions but pathetic plan of running interference in zodiacs in unimaginably high and frigid seas. The Sea Shepherd have also set out, but their intent is justifiably more nefarious: ram the Japanese ships with their own not small-sized vessel. They're reasonably accomplished at not scuttling the whalers' vessels but catching them at an angle on the whalers' stern sufficient to force them back to port, without loss of life.

Rakuten - The Sea Shepherd conservation Society are also at the forefront of this fight against the lurid dolphin round-ups in Japan.

Charles Butler said...

It's a pet peave, the indiscriminate rallying behind the liberal-inspired banner of support of tradition in defense of morally unacceptable regional totalitarianisms.

Got a minute?

OldVet said...

Sir or Madam, You've outdone yourself, and may go here to select your Christmas gift:


Whether you've been naughty or nice is a self-assessment, but I lean toward "nice sort of" in you case. :)

"Cassandra" said...

Old Vet...And all this time I thought Matthew.et.al. was "....Blessed are the Cheesemakers...".