Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Farewell then Shinzo Abe

So farewell
Shinzo Abe,
Prime Minister
no more.

You had
a Class-A
Criminal grandpa,
(though not according to you);
but you
didn't have
Elvis Hair.

You were
the youngest PM
in Japanese history.
your legacy
is to be
the youngest

(With apologies to EJ Thribb & Private Eye)


Anonymous said...

Good riddance, loser. Not that it matters who becomes the next head of Japan Inc. I just hope Fukui has some balls before he leaves next spring.


sb322 said...


This week we learned that on August 30 the United States Air Force flew a B-52, locked and loaded with nuclear warheads, from North Dakota to Louisiana. This broke a military policy going back to the 1960s against such flights.

There is a still more dreadful prospect though. Our "unitary executive" may be threatening or preparing a strike against us, the unruly and now war weary American People who are the greatest impediment to the Neocon New American Century plan. It used to be that only the 911 Truth community would entertain the idea that the next 911, the "911-2B" attack, could come from our own government. However, a recent spate of Bush administration pronouncements that we are due for such an attack has made it apparent to many other Americans that Bush would welcome a 911-2B event -- or might even arrange one


Why was a nuclear-armed bomber allowed to fly over the US?

Wednesday’s revelation that a US Air Force B-52 bomber flew over the length of the United States armed with six cruise missiles carrying nuclear warheads has attracted amazingly little media attention.

RUMOR: Within intelligence circles there are rumors that the munitions airmen acting on their own without orders, disconnected the powersuppy to each of the missiles prior to mounting them on the B52's pylons. This act prevented the onboard missile computers from being overridden from the ground and launched remotely [out of the control of the B52 pilots].