Thursday, May 31, 2007

MoF/BoJ - Tag-Team Duo Extraordinaire

In clasic WWF tag-team fashion BoJs Kiyohiko "The Shredder" Nishimura and Chief FX MoFFin Hiroshi "Mighty Hawk" Watanabe pounded on potential oppostion to the status quo of nearZIRP (tm), capital flight, high Japanese fiscal deficits, and a weak yen today with a barrage of assuagement and hyperbole that telegraphed a very important message to the Community of Highly Leveraged Financial Speculators: "Go For It! Do More! Don't Worry Be Happy!! The Force is With You!"

Hmmmm. Wonder what that will do to Yen vol...

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James said...

When is the ROW and Asia in praticular going to realize that throwing more and more credit at the US consumer in attempt to keep this global system going is a recipe for a hard landing? Americans flat out need time to rebuild savings. Instead reserve growth is going parabolic in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable. Monetary policy manipulations are the now the preferred weapons of choice to prevent real and long lasting reforms. If GDP is 0.6 percent we'll just buy some more treasuries or agencies. That ought to lub everyone right back up again.