Sunday, January 28, 2007

It's Official: Women are mere "Birth-Giving Machines"

In a rather remarkable gaffe, Shinzo Abe's Health Minister, Hakuo Yanagisawa, spoke his mind with brutal honesty in describing Japanese women as birth-giving machines, according to the BBC. Of course with a fertility rate in Japan of 1.26, the lowest in the world, such an assertion is met with some skepticism at best, and with derision by the more pedantic. Yanagisawa is no newbie to the trenches having served numerous governments internationally and within the sennior ranks of the finance ministry. His remarks come at a rather uncomfortable time for PM Abe whose approval ratings are flagging rather dramtically for someone who has done ummm errrr nothing at all. Did I hear someone suggest Tourette's Syndrome???

And in an another remarkable gaffe revealing yet more stunning high-level honesty behind the facade of tatamae by another old warhorse in the Abe Cabinet, Finance Minister Koji Omi was reported to have been overheard comparing the the BoJ and it's MOF-induced persistent policy of ZIRP & nearZIRP as the world's most munificent "Liquidity Giving Machine" and that continuation of this policy will work to serve TeamJapan's parochial interests by insuring that the YEN remains [paraphrasing again] "even more pathetic and disagreeable to investors than the US Dollar....". His spokesman officially denied the remarks, wink wink nod nod....

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Anonymous said...

And the poor (and getting poorer?) Japanese saver who keeps 30-40 % of USD 12TRN plus in time deposits (and where else?? maybe you can dig it out) has been recieving 0% ?? and cannot find money to spend anymore. How much is 0.5% x 12TRN? Might that be because he/she is carrying the baby??