Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Abe & Omi

I know this is irrelevant in comparison to the weighty subjects often tackled here but has anyone noticed how cute the names of new Japanese Primo and MoFo Chief (Abe & Omi) sound when ennunciated together?

In both German & Dutch the sweet nicknames for Grandama & Grandpa are "Oma" & "Opa". Along the south Indian coast, the same is Ajja & Ajji. Father & Mother in Hebrew are of "Abba" & "Ema". "Abe" and "Omi" just has such a cute and ring to it, that one might mistake them for a an absent-minded elderly couple puttering about their business meaning no one any harm. And heavens knows that that such an image might be important in the battle to defend what are indefensible interest rate and weak yen policies. one could imagine that every little bit will help...

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